The Angel Tales

Let Angels answer your questions   (Angel Tarot Card Readings and more)

The Angel Tales, we are focused on providing following services:
  • Angel Card Readings, in person or via email.
  • Angel Card Reading "party", with readings to a large number of people at your place or at the function. It can be a company event, bridal or baby shower, engagement or proposal party, etc.
  • Medicine Wheel readings, in person. 
  • "Discover your Totem Animal" ceremony, usually 3 to 5 hour long event.
  • Loyalty Cards for clients are available upon request,- get your 6-th reading free!
  • You can order a Gift Certificate.
  • If you or your child are experiencing unusual things (be that visions, dreams, things of a different matter that you have no explanation for or clear understanding, pleasant or of a disturbing nature), we offer a consultation, that will put you at ease and give you "tools" to handle them in a kind and gentle way.